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Bolu Trip


Bolu city is located on the black sea, between Istanbul and Ankara, around 262km from Istanbul. The city is also called Bolu Abant for the famous Bolu Abant resort located in it


:Tourist Attractions

:Abant Lake

Abant Lake

One of the most beautiful and known tourist destinations in Bolu, located in a mountainous area circulated by green hills


:The Seven Lakes National Park

The Seven Lakes Park

A mesmerizing park that contains a variety of trees, plants and flowers, that are from more than 236 kind. It contains everything from Beech trees, Oak trees, to Pine trees. Moreover, the park contains seven natural lakes


:Bolu Museum

Bolu Museum

The museum contains remnants from the Stone age, Bronze age, and the Modern age. The museum was first opened to the public in 1975


:Samandere Waterfall

Samandere Waterfall

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Turkey, and is located near Duzce town



A cave

Bolu contains a collection of amazing and unique caves where you can enjoy discovering and walking through them

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