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Bursa Trip


The first capital to the Ottoman’s empire, also known as “The Green Bursa”; bursa contains a huge amount of park, gardens, green plains


Tourist Attractions

 :Uludag Mountain

A perfect destination for tourists looking to participate in ice sports like: skating, hiking and riding the ice cable car


:Bursa’s Cable Car

The longest cable car in the world


:The Ottoman Village

Dated back to the foundation of the Ottoman Empire


:The Old Tree

The oldest aging tree in bursa, with an age of around 610 years


:The Grand Mosque

One of the most beautiful masterpieces from the Ottomans’ era. The mosque is located at the heart of the city. The mosque was built after the battle of Niğbolu, which was against the crusades, before which the sultan Bayazid the First was praying to god asking for triumph in the upcoming battle and he vowed to build 20 mosques if he won, but after the battle, his advisors asked him to build one grand - never seen before - mosque with 20 domes


:Boduim Park

An entertainment complex that contains: an amusement park which contains the newest rides that are appropriate to all ages; a swimming pool that have water slides for kids; and a mall which contains prestige world brands


:Suuca Waterfall

A region circled by green plains and oak trees. The region was discovered during WWII by Russian immigrants looking for a space heaven. It contains beautiful restaurants and cafes overlooking the waterfall. And on the way back from there you can pickup honey from farms located there, or even spend a night in one of the designated hotels or residents created for tourists


:Kara Mustafa Hot Springs

One of the oldest hot springs in Bursa. The springs are rich with iron and sulfur, also the springs have a private area for families and another for single men


Botanik Garden (Flower Garden)

It contains more than 8500 trees and 6000 flowers of all kinds. You can also visit the neighboring lake, or ride a cycle through it. We also advise you to try the famous Turkish traditional dish “Iskender” at Iskender Kabab restaurant located there


:Tha Lakes

Bursa is known for its incredible and mesmerizing lakes which include but not limited to: Ulubat lake, Iznik lake, Dipsiz Lake


:Other Places to Visit in Bursa

 The Covered Bazar or the Grand Bazar

The Silk Markets

The Green Mosque

Oylat Waterfall

The Animal Zoo

Tirilye region

Luna park

The culture park


:Restaurants in Bursa

Iskender Kabab

Kofteci Yusuf

Haci Dayi

Tavaci Recep Usta

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