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Cappadocia Trip


One of the most famous tourist cities in Turkey, and known for air balloons raiding


Tourist Attractions



The most famous region in Cappadocia. It’s an ancient city located in the Cappadocia Valley in Nevşehir State in the center of the Anadolu. The city includes houses that are carved into the stone walls, old churches, and the famous pigeon towers. The city is known also for the “Chimney of Sprites” which are natural Chimney in the mountain


:Zelve Open Air Museum


An open museum located 15km away from Goreme. The museum is considered on of the hall marks of Cappadocia. It includes a collection of old building and churches




An ancient city built underground with multiple floors in Nevşehir State. The city was fitted with all necessary parts for human life, and was built with air vents to transfer clean air from above into the lower parts of the city


:Ihlara Valley

ihlara valley

Located near Milndiz, and is one of the volcanos located in Cappadoica in Aksray State. The valley is 100meter deep and was formed by Milndiz river thousands of years ago


:Restaurants in Cappadocia

Café Mavi Restaurant perfect for vegetarians

Mozaik Restaurant known for vegetarian food

Dunya Iskender serves Turkish Barbeque and Middle Eastern cuisine

Cappadocia Cuisine serves the best Middle Eastern cuisine


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Cappadocia is one of the most famous tourist cities in Turkey and known for air balloons raiding

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