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Izmir Trip


One of the famous tourist attractions in Turkey, known for its name as “The Pearl of Aegean”, Izmir is the home for a varying array of religious and tourist attraction


:Tourist Attractions in izmir

:Agora Museum

What makes this museum special is its location in an open area. The museum is dated back to the 4th century BC, where it was a political gathering area for the people. The museum contains ancient remains and statues that gives us a clue about life in that era


:Ephesus City

An old city dated back to the 5th century BC, where it was a economical and cultural hub for the old world. The city contains an huge and ancient theater, a public square, ancient bathrooms, and the famous Library of Celsus

:Kadifekale Castle

The castle is dated back to the Roman era. It’s located atop a mountain with the same name, added to that the castle have a view over most of the city and Izmir’s gulf, which gave the castle a very important strategic location. The castle was used as a military base and a watch guard over the city. It’s known for its size and the Roman mosaics that are still visible to this day


:Izmir Museum for Art and History

A modern museum dedicated to showing ancient civilizations that resided in Izmir’s since


:Clock Tower

The tower is located in the middle of the Konak public square. The tower was built in 1901 to mark and celebrate the 25th year of Sultan Abduelmajid rule, and the clock placed atop the tower was a gift form Emperor Wilhiam the Second. The tower is 25m height


:Cesme Izmir

This natural region is one of the most famous tourist attractions is Izmir that overlook the beach of the Aegean Sea. The beach is known for the pure and clear water, which makes it an amazing choice for swimming and water games enthusiasts


:Bozdag Kayak Mountain

Izmir’s climate is known to be warm, but in the winter Bozdag mountain gets covered with snow, which makes it a must for tourists wanting to ice skate


:Birds Paradise

It’s a large park that spans around 8 hectares. It’s the home for more than 500 kind of birds, most famous of them is the flamingo


:The Animal Zoo

Animal Zoo

Considered one of the most famous and beautiful animal zoos in Turkey. The zoo is located in the Cesle region


:Restaurants in Izmir

Recep Usta which serves a wide and rich array of Turkish traditional dishes

Sirvit Izmir which specializes in various kabab based dishes

Adabi which specializes in fishes and sea food dishes

Yoson which serves fresh fishes where you can choose you favorite and get it cooked in front of you

Liman Meyhanesi which specializes in sea food dishes

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