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One of the best destinations for tourists. It contains sand beaches, Ottomans bathes. The city also hosts multiple annual carnivals and festivals aimed at encouraging tourism in the city


:Tourist Attractions

:Fink Beach

Fink Beach

Considered the best beach in Bodrum, because it hosts a varying amount of activities like water skating, boat trips, and a restaurant that serves delicious fish dishes


:Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Museum of Underwater Archaelogy

A perfect destination for tourists wanting to know more amount the treasures of the deep. The museum is in Bodrum Castle and features artifacts collected from ancient shipwrecks and a large collection of glass


:Bodrum Roman Amphitheater

Roman Amphitheater

This Amphitheater is dated back to the fourth century BC, and it’s the host for music shows, and festivals that happen mostly in summer. The amphitheater can host up to 13 thousand viewers, and has a seating area for VIPs and stage for bands


:Midtown Mall

Midtown Mall

Includes most famous clothing international brands


:Myndos Gate

Myndos Gate

One of the most famous historic attractions of Bodrum, located west of the city, and is the only lasting ancient entrance to city. In the past it was part of the great wall that once surrounded the city, and it had four towers attached to it



Located in the west of Turkey, and is the favorite destination for a huge number of tourists, for the varying amount of activities available in it like swimming, diving, parachuting, and much more


:Tourist Attractions

:Saklikent Gorge

Saklikent Gorge

The second largest water gorge in Europe, and the longest and deepest in Turkey. It’s 20km in length, and offers a varying amount of special activities like kayaking, and is fitted with all the necessary tools needed for climbing. The gorge is the home to multiple resorts and parks that has gives the ability for tourist to stay overnight


:Kayakoy Village

Kayakoy Village

Considered the most important tourist attraction in Fathiye. The village is a fusion of nature and history, and offers different activities for its visitors. In it you can visit the ancient neighborhood that contains ancient homes and buildings. One of the hall marks of the ancient neighborhood is the Greek Orthodox Church. You can ride the bike in the village, or if you are feeling adventurous you can try parachuting from one of the nearby resorts next to the city


:Sultan Water City

sultan watercity

Fathiye is the home to 10 water slides, a 140cm swimming pool, and a 110cm diving pool, in addition to smaller ones for kids.



Marmaris is the perfect destination for a fun trip that’s hard to forget. The city fuses amazing and beautiful nature with fun activities fit for all ages


:Tourist Attractions

:Marmaris Aquarium

Marmaris Aquarium

One of the highly recommended places for tourists in Marmaris. It’s fitted with the newest water games, in addition to a swimming pool that has water slides attached to it


:Dalyan Region

Dalyan Region

The ancient Dalyan region is accessible through a yacht or a boat. The region has ancient remains carved into rocks or atop a mountain. You can also take the sea trip to the Turtles Beach where you can see a collection of rare sea creatures


:Icmeler Beach

Icmeler Beach

Marmaris has what is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Turkey: Icmeler Beach or the Golden Beach, and that’s because of its clear and clean water


:Bazaar Marmaris

One of the most famous traditional markets in Turkey. The bazar is the home to more than one thousand shops, each of them is specialized in a different kind of product. Marmaris is also the home to many other bazars, most notable of them is the bazar that only happens on Fridays in the old coach station. You can also visit the nearby villages to buy honey, spices, and much more


:Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari

Marmaris is the home of the most famous Safari in Turkey, in addition to that you can partake in a challenge against 40 other competitors, where each of you try to reach a goal while fighting with water guns


:The Turkish Bathes

Turkish Bath

Don’t miss the amazing Turkish Bathes located in Marmaris. You can get a soap and oil massage by a professional, or get the mud mask that helps clean your skin


:Marmaris Castle

Marmaris Castle

An ancient castle built by the Greek in 1044 BC, but was destroyed and rebuilt by Sultan Suliman in 1522 to be used as military base. In the modern times the castle is being used as a museum to showcase ancient artifacts like: coins, jewelry, carpet, silverware, weapons, and much more

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