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Sapanca and Masukiye Trip


Known for the amazing natural beauty and its location in Sakarya city in Marmara region on the Asian Side of Turkey. Its one of the most important places that a tourist must visit when in Turkey


:Tourist Attractions in Sapanca

:Sapanca Lake

Sapanca Lake

One of the biggest lakes in Turkey and the closest to Istanbul – around 130km away through Izmit city -. You can visit Masukiye waterfalls and Kartepe mountain where you can ice skate and spend time in the rural village next to it


:Masukiye Waterfalls

Masukiye Waterfalls

If you are looking for enjoyment and relaxation, you can spend time visiting Masukiye’s waterfalls which number over 20 and start from Kartepe mountain


:Kartepe Mountain

Kartepe Mountain

What makes this mountain special is the unique cable car that starts from the foot of the mountain to its top. Up there you can see nature in its best form, after that you can visit the ice resort for some Ice sports like skating, and the best thing is: all the needed equipment will be provided for you up there


:Naturkoy Village

Naturkoy Village

The village has a unique natural beauty that cannot be seen anyware else, with the mountains on one side, and the amazing plains on the other: it’s a view that cannot be seen anyware else. It also has multiple small lakes are rivers and wild animals like ducks, and rabbits


 :Restaurants In Sakarya

Sopall Restaurant

Naturkoy Restaurant

Masukiye’s Waterfall Restaurant

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