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Trabzon Trip


Amazing unique Turkish city, that has been a famous destination for tourist from around the world. The city has a mild and cool climate, because it’s located on the of the Black Sea north of Turkey


:Tourist Attractions

:Uzungol Lake and Village

Uzungol Village

The village is known for its long lake that is surrounded by mountains and green plains. One of the best destinations for camping and hiking


:Trabzon Public Square

Trabzon Public Square

Located in the center of Trabzon, specifically in the Black Sea region, and includes a variety of tourist attractions like restaurants, shopping malls, and famous hotels


:Sultan Murat Plateau

Sultan Murat Plateau

Considered the most beautiful tourist attraction in Trabzon. It’s said that when you see it you won’t believe that it’s real and not a dream, because the view of the mountain side, and through the clouds is simply breath taking


:Haidnabi Plateau

Hidirnabi Plateau

A 1600meter plateau, known for the beautiful nature. There you can see green pastures, springs and lakes


:Sera Golu Lake

Sera Golu Lake

A natural lake that has restaurants and cafes on its either sides. The lake is located around 25km away from Trabzon


:Cal Cave

Cal Cave

The second longest cave in the world with 8km of length


:Sumela Monastery

Trabzon Church

a Greek Orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary at Melá Mountain within the Pontic Mountains range, built in 386 by two priest


:Ataturk Palace

Ataturk Palace

The white palace was originally built in 1890, but was renovated to get to its current amazing look


:Restaurants in Trabzon

Coral Restaurant features a quiet and calm setting on the side of the black sea

Jalanema Restaurant specializes in Turkish cuisine

Jihanlik Restaurant offers a varying array of meat and fish based dishes

Nihad Middle Restaurant specializes in Turkish cuisine and fish

Hosin Usta Restaurant has an amazing view over Seragol Lake

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